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We are a not-for-profit service available to all members of the community in the Lewes area on a low income. Our mission is to provide affordable, good quality counselling. We believe that everyone who would like to have counselling should be able to access it.

We are a small, local service run entirely by volunteers. 

We aim to provide a confidential and safe therapeutic space where clients who have emotional and psychological issues affecting their lives can explore them openly and are empowered to take control.

The duration of the work can be short medium or long term according to the needs of the client.  In committing to a term of counselling we ask that clients are consistent in attending sessions unless unforeseen circumstances prevent them from attending.

We provide individual counselling for adults over 18 years old.  We work in accordance with the Ethical Frameworks of our professional counselling organisations. 

We are a Monday to Friday service.

Our sliding scale is £5 to £25.


We are an independent organisation without regular external funding.